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Jewelry Shop With Retail Fitout In Perth
Shoe Store In Perth With Retail Fitout

What is a Retail Fitout?

Retail fitout is the process of taking an existing retail space in a building and refitting it to accommodate a new tenant or change the configuration of the space to suit a currrent tenant’s needs.  In most cases, a retail fitout will involve the removal of the old fixtures and fittings, as well as the installation of new ones. 


What We Do at W.C. Office Fitouts

Some businesses are happy to leave the fit out to the professionals, while others want to take a more hands-on approach when it comes to the look and feel of their business. Either way, the end result will be a product that is an extension of the business, and there is a lot that goes into creating the overall look of the fit out.

As retail fit-outs increase in popularity, more and more construction companies are seeing the benefits of fitting out retail premises, such as higher sales, increased foot traffic, and a more appealing shop front. We provide you fit-out solutions to make Retail Stores in Perth that will wow both employees and customers.

We do this by working closely with you to identify the right fit-out solutions, designs, furniture and atmosphere for you and your business.  


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Delicacies Store With Floating Shelves In Perth

Bringing Your Project to Life

Retail fit-outs are about improving the appearance of a shop or store. At W.C Office Fitouts we look at the entire business and its environment. We also offer a retail fit out service that can transform your store, making it more modern and attractive to customers.

Our Retail Fit Out Contractors in Perth Deliver On Time & On Budget

We are an efficient professional fit out team that has long-term experience in this industry. Our high-quality products will ensure your shop has the best possible retail experience. We guarantee that the fit-outs we do are done on time and to a high standard. 

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Retail Fit Out Design Ideas

The success of the store depends on the connectivity of the customer because everything is from the eyes to the heart. When planning your retail fit-outs, there are a few things to consider which will help give your shop a boost, including:

Creating the illusion of a larger space 

It is important to design the interior of the store in a certain way to provide a larger picture of the available space. This can be done by creating illusions. Only expert interior designers can understand the value of space management in making people feel good. A difficult thing to do, but not impossible. 

A creative decoration design can help to achieve the desired goals of your business in a comprehensive way. So, consider some smart patterns and accessories to ensure the compactness of the store’s appearance and work accordingly. 

A Spacious Supermarket Hallway In Perth

Go Green

Rapid industrialization has created a void in our lives. We have been separated from a natural and healthy environment. 

Therefore, incorporating these designs would make people feel more comfortable. Which makes them want to spend more time in your store. An easy way to bring them closer to nature is to design eco-friendly store interiors. Indoor plantings and other things can help companies to give customers an eco-friendly impression. 

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Bags And Shoes On Multilevel Shelves

Improving the customer experience through the height of the interior 

This can be achieved by adjusting the interior decoration to a higher space. It is now widely used every day, giving people a sense of optimization. You can adjust the shopping screen above the ground to provide a large amount of usable space. Improve the customer shopping experience. This idea is very applicable because customers generally do not like what is displayed on the lower shelves. Therefore, adjusting the shelf to a higher position will improve the display of the product. 

Bringing sunshine into the shop 

It is great to bring more sunshine into the shop. It enhances gloss and gives a relaxed impression. Small retailers maximize the natural impact by using large windows and glass panels to take advantage of the available sunlight. It helps reduce electricity bills and improve the customer experience. Therefore, interior designers should use glass panels and adjustable shelves to enhance the decorative effect.

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Natural Light Coming In On A Retail Store In Perth
Customer Happily Choosing Bottled Items From A Shelf In A Retail Store In Perth

Customer Comfort

What Should Be Your Goal In Carrying Out A New Retail Fit Out?

At its core, good décor is about reassuring customers and enhancing their shopping experience. Even small changes and adjustments can have a huge impact on the customer environment, making them more likely to stay in your store and enjoy interacting with your business. 

It can be any form of general store layout or it can be smaller details that may not be obvious. Through effective decoration puts the customer experience at the forefront of structure and design, reassures customers and gives them confidence as they move through your store.

What does a retail fit-out include?

Frequently Asked Questions

A retail fit-out can include interior walls, plastering, electricity, flooring, decoration, lighting, mechanical devices, furniture, and any other improvements made in the site. 

How much does a retail fit-out cost?

Usually, a retail fit-out costs around $275 – $450 in Perth. You should remember that there are several factors that may affect the fit-out cost like the size of the space, the complexity of the job and the materials used.

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