The abrupt closure of Perth office spaces due to the pandemic has pushed employees to work from their houses with makeshift home office spaces that just don’t do the trick sometimes.

In the past working from home was perceived to be for those who were on maternal or paternal leave or for people who specialized in certain industries who felt that the need to report to an office every day was not needed. 

Today most of the working population work from home. As with all things, there are two sides to every situation and for the lucky ones who have managed to create a work efficient space, there is little difference in the quality of the work they do whether they are at the office or at home. But for those that were not able to adjust to the situation, the struggle to make things work has adversely affected efficiency and productivity.

Our team at W.C. Office Fitouts are Perth’s specialists for home office fitouts with custom desks & cabinets that look fantastic and enhance productivity. We offer high-quality home office ideas and solutions throughout Perth to help you make the most out of the space you have in your home. 

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The Ideal Home Office Is Both Stylish and Functional

Custom Perth Home Office Fitout Designs

Working from home is exciting because it allows for true comfort and efficiency; however if the office is too casual or isn’t effectively separated from the home environment, peak productivity may be lost. Trying to concentrate in the main area of the house can be counterproductive, especially if children or other distractions are present. This, and many other issues, can be solved by having a clearly defined home office. 

While comfort is important in any home office work station, an overly casual environment can seriously impair productivity. You must find a way to isolate yourself from the rest of the household activities and convey a sense of “off-limits” to all other normal and natural home sounds and interruptions. There must be a distinction made regarding the physical boundaries of this working space. The most effective way to accomplish this is through the custom design of the work station. 

Office design should not only focus on the functional aspect, equal attention must also be given to the aesthetics of the office environment. After all, it also does not do well to be in a space that does not spark joy and motivation. Designing a space that keeps you inspired during the daily 8-hour work grind can be achieved through choosing the right paint colors, selecting furniture that is both beautiful and functional, and maybe the most important aspect is the addition of personal touches to the space. 

Style is a very subjective thing and every person has different tastes and preferences. Our team will do our best to listen attentively to what you want and how you want the space to be in order to help you achieve the dream home office work station. 

Stylish Home Office Setup In Perth
Attic Turned Into Home Office In Perth

Our ultimate goal at W.C. Office Fitouts is to create a space for you that encourages concentration, motivation, productivity, and success. 

All of our projects are done ensuring that the Australia Standard Specification is met through the use of quality material and equipment. For this reason, we provide you with a guarantee on the durability and functionality of all equipment and bar furniture. All areas of bar fitouts are considered, a major focus being increasing the efficiency and productivity of your bar. We offer custom built joineries as well as custom built stainless steel fabrication to give you maximum freedom in achieving your vision.

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Current Trends in Perth for Home Office Design

Plants. With most of the Perth population being stuck indoors, plants are a great way to bring the outside world into your work station. There are numerous advantages to having plants in your workspace. It can help to improve the overall air quality of the room or building, and many people find that being surrounded by plants increases their productivity. You can choose plants that will sit on your desk or larger plants that will take up more space.

Standing Desks. People are becoming more aware of the dangers of spending too much time sitting down. While regular exercise is important, using a standing desk is a great way of home office design trend tips to make your office working space healthier and reduce your risk of developing a number of lifestyle diseases.

Ergonomic Chairs. Using the most ergonomic, comfortable office chair you can find is an important part of a small-space home office design. It allows you to make the most of small office space by making it as comfortable as possible. Ergonomic furniture is frequently sleek and elegant. You don’t just have to think of it as a way to protect your health and keep your posture in check.

Color Coordination. One of the simplest ways to make your office space look tidy and striking is to use only one or a few colors for your furniture and décor. The color or colors you select can also assist you in creating a specific atmosphere or vibe for your office with little effort.

Multifunctional Space. A home office doesn’t have to be just that, when you’re finished with the workday you can also use the space for playing video games or relaxing with your loved ones while watching movies. This can be achieved by using furniture and technology that serves multiple functions.

A space for your kids. For parents who are working from home, your children are probably also doing online schooling or a mix of that and regular classes. Nevertheless, they also need a space to do their homework and this can be easily incorporated into any home office so that you and your family can do productive work together.

We Are Specially Trained to Bring You What You Want

We Help You To Choose The Best Home Office Furniture

We begin with the most important topic when designing your ultimate home office: what work will you be doing in your office and what features will make you more productive while doing this work. We can then design your office to help you achieve a much higher level of productivity than working from other areas of the house. Everything, including filing, storage, a computer system, lighting control, charging stations, and a printer, will be within easy reach. This will keep you focused on the task at hand and prevent you from becoming distracted while looking for your belongings.

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What to Consider When Choosing Home Office Furniture

Select the Ideal Room. If you are fortunate enough to have a number of rooms to choose from, make sure you choose one that will provide you with enough space, light, and privacy to work comfortably.

Amount of Space. It is important to ensure that you have enough space to move around comfortably while working and to put all of your office furniture in. A cramped space is not ideal for efficiency and productivity while working. 

Office Desk. The right desk can set the mood for the entire workday. Too small and you will be cramped and feel like you don’t have enough space to work. Too big and you will end up taking up precious space that could be used for better purposes. Our professionals will make sure that you are fitted with the perfect desk for your Perth home office. 

Office Chair. While it may seem like an unnecessary spend, the right chair could be the difference between a productive workday and a day where you cannot stand to sit at your desk and do your job properly because of how uncomfortable you are. 

Storage. It is critical to have adequate storage for your files, books, papers, and stationery. Our professional at W.C Office Fitouts will offer you all the storage solutions you will need. 

Lighting. Natural light is essential, and it can be enhanced by using mirrors and painting the walls light colors. We will make sure that direct sunlight does not affect your computer screen, and choose a good lighting arrangement for working any time of the day. 

Cable Management. Beyond the fact that an office space that has few to no visible cable is pleasing to the eyes, proper cable management also advocates home safety by not having all kinds of wires running along the floor waiting to trip or shock those in the household. 

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