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Your vision can become a reality through the highly-skilled work of our teams that specialize in small to medium sized office fitouts.

Beautifully designed and cost effective office fitouts that will inspire your staff and attract bright-eyed talent.

We’re more than just the Perth office fitouts specialists, we have teams that are dedicated to a range of varied fitouts. Bar & shop fitouts, laboratory, medical and dental office fitouts, government & education fitouts as well as a home office fitouts team.

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Small Office Fit Out Completed In Perth
Bar Fitout Project In Australia

Office Fitout Perth

The hidden costs of an office space that does not motivate your team, or one that cannot attract or retain talent is larger than you may think.

And so, an investment into a commercial office refurbishment is more than just that – it is an investment into your employees and your people. You cannot expect long term business growth if you fail to invest in the very oil that keeps your machine moving.

That being said, we understand that small to medium sized businesses need to be cost conscious.

We are one of the leading office fit out companies that are committed and have earned a reputation for delivering flexible, modern office spaces at affordable prices.

Office Fitouts

Perth Office Fitouts that transform those tired, ‘gray’ and poorly optimized spaces into offices that are a harmony of aesthetics and function. Our teams take pride in completing on time and on budget. 

Make-Good Projects

Don’t stress over potential security deposits, we offer returning your office space to a condition that meets the terms of your lease agreement at a minimal cost. Our mission is to ‘make-good’ on our promises, quickly and efficiently.

Office Furniture Fitout

That final, oft-forgotten puzzle piece of new office fitouts. Our teams source and provide you with office furniture that truly reflects your brand and new office. Our connections and purchasing power in the Perth area means you get the best possible prices. Desks, chairs, sofas, meeting tables, partitions and more

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Inspiration & Design


We heavily invest in hiring and retaining the very best and brightest commercial interior designers, of whom many are award winning.

We start by working with you to discover the inspiration behind your brand, as well as your functional and aesthetic desires before matching you perfectly with one of our contractors and teams.

Project Manage & Create


A core focus of our office refurbishment Perth team is project management. We believe that a seamless, stress-free client experience begins at the top with exceptional management. This ensures that there isn’t a single snag in the fitout process and that it is completed on time and on budget so you can be on your way.

Move In & Flourish


The final step is to move into your new office. You can expect seamless space utilization, beautiful design and a combination of office furnishings, colour schemes and ergonomics that work together to perfectly complement your new space. Watch as staff morale, attendance, collaboration and productivity begin to thrive. 

Chat with our team to explore your new office possibilities


We start with an exploratory discussion around your current office’s challenges and shortcomings.

If you have ideas for your new office we’d love to hear them at this stage.


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Client Testimonials

“My team could not be happier. They are dying to come back to our office having spent time working from home during COVID. “

Patrick Thomson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“New Office Fitout pros for sure. We wanted to improve the our new office before we moved in. The C-suite is very happy with the investment”

Brenna Redding

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Some of Our Past Office Fitout Clients

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Small Office Refurbishment Project Perth


Small Office Fitouts

Does size always matter? Not in small office fitouts. Proper space planning and design reduces clutter and empty space in ways you would not believe. Affordable, simple and effective – all serving to improve productivity.

Utilizing a small office space can often be harder to do properly than a large one. There is usually a long list of client criteria that needs to be fit into a small space, but our mission has always been to master the art of maximizing space – starting from a single square meter and up. 

If you have a small to medium sized office, please feel free to reach out to our design team for a free consultation, we’d be thrilled to show you what we’re capable of.


Health & Medical Office Refurbishment

Thankfully, the trend of dull and boring medical and health facilities is on its way out. You can improve the attraction and retention of your clients or patients by offering them the experience of modern, beautifully designed and practical facilities.

An added benefit is of course that such a space inspires and uplifts and inspires yourself and your staff, boosting mood and productivity.


Medical Office Reception After A Refurbishment
Bar Fitout In Perth

bar | Retail

Bar Fitouts | Retail Store Fitouts

A great deal of local bars and privately owned retail stores operate on margins that are razor-thin. Our understanding of this and our philosophy of maximizing space to improve revenue without cutting into margin is how we have earned a reputation in this business. 

Our dedicated shop and bar fitout Perth-based teams are able to work magic out of the most modest of budgets and create beautiful new spaces that will keep your patrons coming back, time after time.


There are plenty of retail fit-outs to choose from on the market, but sadly, not all of them are of the same quality. So, not only do you need to do your research beforehand, but also when you’re looking for a fit-out. There are key aspects to fit-out selection that you should consider when sourcing a fit-out for your business.

We'd Love To Discuss Your New Office Ideas

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 Dental Office Fit-outs

One of the fastest growing segments in the Perth and Fremantle areas. Dentists are realizing that patients are increasingly paying attention to more than just the quality of their dental work. Office design and aesthetics are starting to become the difference in their preferred choice of dentist. 

Dental Office Fitout
Lecture Theatre In University Of Western Australia

Public Sector

Government & Education

Say goodbye to the days of drab government offices and education facilities. Research points to improved performance in both students and employees when they are in spaces they actually enjoy being in. 

Our team has been involved in dozens of school fitouts, working closely with educators, staff and even students to design the perfect learning environment. 

High quality and competitively priced office and classroom furniture, glass partitions, sound-proof study rooms and more.

Professional management and process to ensure there is minimal to no disruption.


Laboratory Fitouts 

Anyone who has worked in a laboratory can tell you not only is it vital to have access to the right equipment, but that the specific placement of the equipment is just as important. Sometimes extremely particular means must be used in the keeping or installation of equipment. If you are in the market for or are considering laboratory refurbishment please feel free to reach out to our lab team so we can discuss your needs together.

Laboratory In University Of Western Australia
Empty Office After Make-Good


Industrial & Commercial Make-Good Projects 

Factories, warehouses and storage facilities can all achieve higher efficiency and ROI per square meter when diligent thought and planning goes into the layout and design.

We have a team dedicated specifically to commercial fitout projects that excel in doing just that.

And if it’s a make-good project that you need, we have a Perth based team who will return industrial properties, commercial and office spaces to their lease-agreed conditions at minimal cost and in a short amount of time.


Home Office Fitouts

Factories, warehouses and storage facilities can all achieve higher efficiency and ROI per square meter when diligent thought and planning goes into the layout and design.

We have a team dedicated specifically to commercial fitout projects that excel in doing just that.

And if it’s a make-good project that you need, we have a Perth based team who will return industrial properties, commercial and office spaces to their lease-agreed conditions at minimal cost and in a short amount of time.


Home Office Fitout In Bassendean W.a.


Our team at W.C. Office Fitouts are Perth’s specialists for home office fitouts with custom desks & cabinets that look fantastic and enhance productivity. We offer high-quality home office ideas and solutions throughout Perth to help you make the most out of the space you have in your home. Our ultimate goal at W.C. Office Fitouts is to create a space for you that encourages concentration, motivation, productivity, and success.

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Office

 We have team of Perth based architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields. Whether we’re talking about  small to medium sized office refurbishments, large corporate office spaces, bar and retail fit outs, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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